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So You Want to Be a Box Expert?

Look no further: Our User Customer Portal’s got all the information you’ll need to become a Box Expert.

If you’re new to Box, check out some video tutorials or take a course to master the basics. Then, up the ante with our best practices docs; you’ll be a pro in no time.

So give it a go … and don’t forget we’re always here to help!


Box User Essentials

In this session, you will learn the basic skills you need to quickly and easily integrate Box into your everyday workflow. You'll learn how to navigate your Box account and build an environment that promotes collaboration with your colleagues. You'll discover tools that eliminate the need for email attachments, allow you to collaborate with people outside the firewall, and make it easy for you to access your content when you're on the go. Overall, you will understand Box as a fast, mobile, and collaboration tool.

Box Admin Essentials

In this session, you'll learn all there is to know about the Admin Console, your handy tool for adding users, building groups, customizing security settings and more. Whether you're a fresh face or a seasoned pro, this admin training will help you put your team on the road to success.

Box Implementation Strategies

This session – led by our trench-tested experts – ushers you through your transition to Box: quickly and painlessly. Whether you'll have a few users or many, we'll equip you with a road map for a streamlined implementation. Plus, hear about the top five Box use cases ... and learn how they can move your business forward.

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